Long life
to Zeolla creations.

Suit Care

Tips for proper care and maintenance of your tailored coat, suit and jacket that for simplicity, we will refer to as a garment:

  • To ensure that your garment is always perfectly presented, simply brush it with a brush to remove lint after each use. A good practice is to allow the garment to rest in an airy environment that is not exposed to direct sunlight for a few hours. When hanging it in the closet, care must be taken to use a correctly-sized hanger for the garment, therefore we recommend using the same one provided by the tailor. Failure to do so will run the risk of the sleeves and shoulders of the garment deforming under their own weight. Likewise, it is always recommended to empty all pockets after each use as these too are subject to wear and deformation.
  • Garments should be dry cleaned or wet cleaned in specialized laundries. Upon request, Zeolla offers a water washing service. This cleaning method not only removes dirt, but also revives the natural fibres.
  • Garments should only be ironed using a vertical ironer; steam at 100°C is a good sterilizing agent to kill the vast majority of viruses and bacteria that may still be present after washing at high temperatures.
  • When you are not wearing your own garment, we do not recommend leaving it abandoned and folded upon itself, but rather to hang it on the same wooden hanger and in the clothes bag it was supplied with at the time of purchase. The wood will maintain the shape of the jacket perfectly by supporting the structure of the shoulders and will absorb moisture from the fabric. The breathable garment bag will keep the fabrics away from mites, mould and dust.

Long live the tailored suit…...

Zeolla accompanies the life of the suit over time, adapting it to any changes in the client’s physical form or even simply to satisfy his changing taste. In this way we ensure our creations are contemporary and always wearable.

Shirt care

Some more information about your made-to-measure shirt...

In order to keep the shirt at peak performance over time, in absence of any changes in size once delivered, the Zeolla tailor shop always washes the fabrics at 35° before packaging.

Tips for proper care and maintenance of your tailored shirt:

  • We recommend washing the cotton shirt between 30° and 40°C.
  • Button up the shirt and turn it inside out to protect the buttons with the fabric of the shirt.
  • Delicate fabrics should preferably be washed by hand.
  • For drying, we recommend hanging them on a hanger, not exposing them to the sun and ironing them when they are still slightly damp.
  • We do not recommend ironing the mother of pearl buttons, as they could easily be damaged.

Long live the made-to-measure shirt...

When ordering a tailored shirt, customers can request a replacement collar and cuffs at the same time. Zeolla will replace the worn parts on its products.

Shoe care and maintenance

Tips for proper care and maintenance of your custom-made shoes:

A custom-made shoe is synonymous with comfort, style and beauty, therefore after purchase you should take care of them with some simple procedures.
We recommend the use of creams, brushes and shoe trees that can nourish and polish the leather and preserve its quality and beauty for a long time.
  • Use a shoe tree after each use;
  • Remove the dust on the surface by passing a soft-haired brush;
  • Evenly apply a neutral cream (be wary of non-certified products), ideal for all types of leathers, using a horsehair or silicone brush;
  • Wait a few minutes, so that the cream is completely absorbed by the leather and then pass a cotton cloth over the entire shoe to obtain a perfect polish.

Long live custom-made shoes...

  • We offer our customers the possibility to reconstruct the sole and remodel their shoes. The two existing sole layers of the shoe are manually disassembled and new ones are reconstructed. The shoes will then be put in their original shape for 24 hours.


Tie and bow tie care

Tips for proper care and maintenance of your tailor-made tie and bow tie:

It is very important to untie the knot after each use, so we suggest the following procedure:
  • Loosen the tie, take it off your head and open it fully. Wrap the tie around your hand and leave it stretched out at least overnight. Any creases in the tie will disappear completely by the next morning. If not, a couple of shots of steam from an iron should suffice. If you want or need to iron your tie, place a clean cotton or linen handkerchief between the iron and the silk. Do not iron the sharp corners of the tie, as it must keep its shape and texture as much as possible.
  • Ties can be arranged or hung on a special hanger or rolled up to form a spiral.
For bow ties we recommend either placing it in the package provided at the time of purchase, or in the wardrobe, but spacing them apart to avoid creases.
Water or dry cleaning is recommended but always through a trusted laundry.

Belt and backpack care

Tips for proper care and maintenance of your belt and backpack:

  • We recommend cleaning our backpacks with a damp cotton cloth both inside and outside, applying the specific transparent leather cream on the external surface and after half an hour cleaning the surface with a soft, dry cloth.
  • To clean the belt correctly, we recommend using a cotton swab soaked in cleansing milk and wiping it over the entire surface. This method, in addition to removing any stains, will also revitalize and moisturize the belt. Finally, dry the entire surface well with a soft cloth.
  • To clean the metal buckle, simply wipe with a dry cloth without subjecting it to special treatment and it will keep its lustre.