Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to make a suit/shirt?

The time necessary to make a bespoke suit is 60 days while a made-to-measure requires 45 days.
The Pictura bespoke jacket takes 75 days to complete, while the Pictura made-to-measure jacket requires 60 days.
It takes 45 days to make a bespoke shirt, a made-to-measure one requires 30 days.

How long does it take to take the measurements for a suit/shirt?

It takes about 30 minutes for a suit, which is reduced to 15 minutes for a shirt.

How long does the fitting of a suit/shirt last?

The fitting of a suit takes approximately 40 minutes, while 20 minutes is sufficient for a shirt.

How many fittings are necessary to finish a suit/shirt?

For a bespoke suit two fittings are necessary, while a made-to-measure suit requires just one.
For a bespoke shirt it is necessary to do a preliminary fitting test plus a final fitting upon completion while a made-to-measure shirt requires just one upon completion of the garment.

Can I bring a sample to obtain suit/shirt measurements?

No, it is not possible, as it is essential to take measurements directly on the client.

How many and which images should I provide to become part of the Pictura project?

From 8 to 10 images are sufficient. No particular format is required as they are hand-assembled by the designer.

Is it possible to see the design of the Pictura jacket lining before the fabric is created?

Yes, we require the client to approve the design before the fabric is printed.

Can a Pictura jacket be used as a gift idea?

Yes, please visit the dedicated section of the Pictura Box on our website.

Is it possible for a client to provide the fabric for the creation of a tailor-made garment?

We prefer not to accept fabrics provided by the client as we cannot guarantee the quality of the finished garment. However, should this be requested we will take it into consideration.

How long does it take to make a pair of shoes?

A Zeolla shoe is prepared in 30 days.

How long before the date do I have to make an appointment to create a wedding suit?

We recommend contacting the tailor at least four months in advance.

Is it possible to bring along an additional guest for the test fitting of a wedding suit?

Yes, but it is preferable not to bring more than one companion for the test fitting. It’s important that the tailor is focused on the client.

Do you even casual trousers?

Yes, a wide selection of materials is available in our samples.

Do you also make women’s clothes?

Yes, blouses and tailleur.

Do you file client measurements?

Yes, for us it is a fundamental to providing a better service to our clients.

Do you have an in-house tailoring workshop?

Yes, it is a pleasure for Zeolla to give our clients the opportunity to understand what goes into making a tailored garment.

Do you offer a repair service?

No, except for a warranty and maintenance service on Zeolla garments.

Do you offer a home delivery service?

Yes, the client can be reached wherever is most convenient for him. For further information, please contact the atelier.

If my measurements change, is it possible to adjust my suit?

Yes, the tailor offers an after-sales service that includes adjustments of Zeolla garments both to expand and reduce the size.

How long does a tailored suit last?

In principle, a Zeolla suit could last a few decades. Naturally, this depends on the intensity of use, correct maintenance and the weight of the fabric. For further information, please visit the section Care and Maintenance - suit.

How long does a custom shoe last?

In principle, a Zeolla shoe, could last a few decades. Naturally, this depends on the intensity of use and the correct maintenance of the hides. For further information, please visit the section Care and Maintenance - shoes.