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Zeolla offers its clients an additional “remote meeting” service.
An exclusive appointment via video call during which clients are personally accompanied by the tailor in the choice of fabrics for new garments, complete with high definition images and real time advice from the tailor.

It is also possible to send the client a reference fabric swatch for each garment chosen before the order is confirmed. This service is reserved for clients who are already part of the Zeolla measurement archive, as it is based on a relationship of trust established over time.
For suits, a subsequent phase will include the traditional fitting test for all new tailored garments with the tailor, made by appointment at the Zeolla headquarters or at the home of the client. For even greater convenience, upon request, the final delivery can be made by courier at the address most convenient to the client.
For shirts, the entire service can be managed without a physical appointment for the fitting; All that is required is for the client to confirm the previously filed measurements and once completed the item or items will be sent directly to the client’s preferred address.
For each client, Zeolla creates a digital archive to maintain a history of his choices over time. This allows each client to freely express their tastes, without the risk of having two similar garments in their wardrobes